Vidvie XL-HS601

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Short Description:
Superior Sound: Specifically designed to deliver stellar audio quality regardless of volume, this earphone set provides premium performance; Featuring 10mm drivers for heavy, precision driven bass, you can enjoy an authentic live music experience
Comfortable: Equipped with 3 different sized rubber earbuds, you can select the perfect fit for your personal ear shape; Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and staying power, these earbuds are perfect for daily use
Noise Isolation: Featuring a specialist design crafted to mould alongside your ear canal, this in ear headphone set cancels out surrounding noise allowing you to enjoy your favorite tracks with zero distraction
Versatile: Compatible with a range of electronics devices, you can plug these earphones into virtually any device with a headphone jack; Suitable for a variety of iPhones, tablets, Samsung and smartphones and MP3 players, these headphones are truly versatile
Multifunctional: These earphones with mic also feature built in controls; Allowing you to skip tracks, pause, and even take and hang up phone calls, you don't even have to touch your device to complete a variety of essential functions.

Detailed Description:

Vidvie X product range offers High End Premium Accessories by Vidvie.
Love Your Music With Vidvie XL-HS601 Earphones
Perfect Fit- Designed to fit perfectly in your ear for easy listening
Super Sound- High sound quality and flawless bass
Noise isolation- No outside distractions so you can stay in the moment
Lightweight- lightweight earphones for easy and comfortable listening
Compatible- easy to use with most smartphones, tablets and loads
Personalised Fit To Suit You
Vidvie XL-HS601 Earphones have been created with personalised comfort in mind by using ergonomic earbuds, that adapt to your shape and provide a snug fit. The earphones come with 3 sizes, so you can choose the right one for you.

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